6 Reasons to Validate Mobile Phone Numbers for your next SMS Campaign
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6 Reasons to Validate Mobile Phone Numbers for your next SMS Campaign

One of the most potent and successful methods of customer outreach is SMS marketing. It involves more than merely sending messages to any saved phone number, though. Validating your mobile phone numbers is essential if you want your SMS campaigns to be successful and have a real impact.

We'll explore 6 convincing reasons why SMS campaign validation is essential in this blog post. We'll demonstrate the advantages of validation and why it's worthwhile the effort, including how it can increase deliverability and open rates while also enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

This piece is a must-read before pressing "send," regardless of your level of experience with marketing or your level of familiarity with SMS campaigns.

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What does it mean to validate your mobile number?

What does mobile validation mean

The process of confirming the veracity and accuracy of the phone numbers in your database is known as mobile phone number validation. This procedure assists in making sure that your SMS campaigns are delivered to real, live phone numbers rather than inactive or phoney ones. The format and syntax of each number can be checked using automated software or by checking against carrier data, among other methods, for validation.

Validation aims to raise the standard of your data and ensure that the correct individuals are receiving your SMS messages. You may cut opt-out rates, lower the possibility of message bounces, and improve the overall effectiveness of your SMS advertising by using confirmed numbers.

So it's time to confirm your mobile phone numbers if you want to make sure that the correct individuals are receiving your messages.

What should you use to validate the user phone numbers?

The most appropriate alternative for you will rely on your unique requirements and financial constraints. There are numerous options available for authenticating mobile phone numbers.

  1. Data from the major mobile carriers is compared to phone numbers in order to ensure that the number is active and legitimate.
  2. Automated Software: A number of software programmes are available that can automatically validate phone numbers by examining their format, syntax, and other features.
  3. Manual Verification: This entails manually examining each number to confirm its veracity and accuracy. Although it may be time-consuming, in some circumstances where precision is essential, it may be vital.
  4. Services from a Third Party for Data Validation: There are businesses that specialise in phone number validation and can offer a complete solution to validate your data.

The degree of accuracy you require, the associated costs and time commitments, as well as the size of your database, should all be taken into account when selecting a validation technique. Whichever option you select, confirming your mobile phone numbers is an essential step in ensuring the success of your SMS advertising.

Why is mobile verification important?

For many reasons, mobile verification is crucial. The performance of your marketing activities can be greatly influenced by the accuracy and validity of the client information you collect.

First off, mobile verification reduces fraud and shields your company from any legal trouble. You can lower the risk of fraudulent activities, like identity theft or illegal use of client data, by checking the veracity of consumer information.

The effectiveness of your marketing activities can also be increased by mobile verification. You may increase your chances of success by making sure you have correct and current consumer information and can target the appropriate audience with your messages.

Third, by ensuring that your messages are sent to the right phone number, mobile verification can improve the client experience. This can support the development of positive relationships and trust with your clients.

In conclusion, smartphone verification is a crucial step in making sure that your marketing initiatives are successful and secure. You may enhance customer satisfaction, increase marketing effectiveness, and shield your company from any legal exposure by confirming the quality and authenticity of consumer information.


  1. Improved Deliverability - One of the biggest benefits of validating mobile phone numbers is improved deliverability.
  2. Increased Open Rates - In addition to improved deliverability, validating your mobile phone numbers can also lead to increased open rates for your SMS campaigns.
  3. Better Customer Experience - Validation of mobile phone numbers can lead to a better overall customer experience in several ways.
  4. Enhanced Data Quality - Enhancing the quality of your customer data is another key benefit of validating mobile phone numbers.
  5. Cost Savings - Validation of mobile phone numbers can also lead to cost savings for your business.
  6. Better Compliance - Validation of mobile phone numbers is also important for ensuring better compliance with regulations and laws.

Reason #1: Improved Deliverability

Improved Deliverability

Improved deliverability is one of the greatest advantages of verifying mobile phone numbers. Your SMS messages are more likely to reach their intended recipients if you check your numbers to ensure that they are current and accurate. Correct phone numbers also lessen the possibility of message bounces, which can ruin your sender reputation and hurt upcoming SMS advertising.

Your SMS messages will also be more likely to reach your clients at the exact moment when they are most interested thanks to improved deliverability. You may have lost a chance to contact with a customer if you sent a time-sensitive message to one who is unreachable owing to an old phone number. To enhance the likelihood that your message will be heard and taken seriously, validate your numbers and send the same message to an updated, exact number.

Consider a real-world example from a business that adopted validation for its SMS campaigns to see the effect of validation on deliverability. Following validation, the business noticed a considerable decline in messages that bounced and an increase in messages that were properly delivered. As a result, there were greater engagement rates and an overall more successful SMS campaign.

Finally, one of the many benefits of validating your mobile phone numbers is increased deliverability. You can increase the effectiveness of your SMS advertising and reach more of your consumers by making sure your numbers are accurate and current.

Reason #2: Increased Open Rates

Increased Open Rates

Validating your mobile phone numbers can raise your SMS campaign's open rates in addition to its deliverability. You can be sure that your messages are getting to the proper individuals when you send them to precise, current phone numbers. This translates to increased open rates for your communications because your recipients are more likely to read and interact with them.

A better overall client experience might come from higher open rates. Customers are more likely to open and interact with messages when they are timely and relevant. Higher consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty may follow from this.

When a retail company, for instance, verified its customers' mobile phone numbers, their SMS campaign open rates significantly increased. Customers were more inclined to open and interact with messages sent to their current and accurate phone numbers, which led to better sales and a more effective marketing campaign.

Increased open rates are a significant advantage of authenticating your mobile phone numbers, to sum up. You can increase client engagement and get better results from your SMS campaigns by making sure your messages are delivered to accurate, current phone numbers.

Reason #3: Better Customer Experience

Better Customer Experience

In various ways, validating mobile phone numbers can improve the entire customer experience. First off, your customers are more likely to get your messages when they are most attentive when they are sent to precise and current phone numbers. Higher open rates and better customer engagement with your brand may result from this.

Second, using verified phone numbers helps lessen the possibility of sending clients irrelevant or unwelcome messages. You might continue to send customers irrelevant communications if, for instance, their phone number has changed but your database still shows their old number. Validation ensures that errors of this nature are prevented, improving the overall experience for your customers.

Last but not least, verified phone numbers can raise the accuracy of your consumer database and result in more specialised and individualised marketing efforts. As a result, customers may have a better overall experience and become more devoted to the business.

In conclusion, verifying mobile phone numbers can improve consumer satisfaction in a variety of ways. You can increase client engagement, lower the risk of receiving irrelevant messages, and offer a more individualised marketing experience by making sure that your messages are being sent to accurate and current phone numbers.

Reason #4: Enhanced Data Quality

Enhanced Data Quality

Another important advantage of mobile phone number validation is that it improves the quality of your consumer data. You can be certain that your numbers are correct and current when you validate them. This means that you may increase data quality by avoiding mistakes and inconsistencies in your consumer data.

The ability to make better-informed judgements about your marketing strategy and increase the efficiency of your campaigns is made possible by improved data quality, which is crucial. For instance, you can segment your audience more efficiently and target the correct people with your messaging if you have reliable information about the phone numbers of your clients. Higher engagement rates, better customer experiences, and more effective marketing campaigns may result from this.

Validated phone numbers can also lessen the likelihood that your client database contains duplicate or stale information. This may result in more precise client data, which may then be used to develop more tailored and successful marketing efforts.

In conclusion, improved data quality is a significant advantage of mobile phone number validation. You may improve the efficiency of your campaigns, enhance the customer experience overall, and make more informed decisions about your marketing strategy by making sure that your customer data is correct and up-to-date.

Reason #5: Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Validating mobile phone numbers can also help your company cut costs. You can be confident that you are not wasting money on SMS campaigns that will not be delivered or will go undetected when your SMS campaigns are sent to accurate and current phone numbers. Over time, this may save you a lot of money.

For instance, if you send messages to outdated or inaccurate phone numbers, you can pay more as a result of message problems, failed delivery attempts, and lower engagement rates. However, by validating your phone numbers, you may save money and make sure that the proper individuals are receiving your messages without incurring any further expenses.

Validation can also assist you in avoiding expensive legal fines. The use of SMS for marketing purposes is governed by laws in many nations, and companies who send unwanted messages risk fines. You may lessen the chance of sending messages to clients who haven't provided their approval by authenticating your phone numbers, which can help you avoid these fines and cut costs.

Finally, cost reductions are a significant advantage of mobile phone number validation. You may significantly reduce the chance of message failures, repeat tries, and legal penalties by making sure that your SMS campaigns are being sent to accurate and current phone numbers. As a consequence, your company will save a lot of money.

Reason #6: Better Compliance

Better Compliance

For greater compliance with rules and legislation, mobile phone number validation is also crucial. Businesses who send unsolicited messages or violate these restrictions risk fines. Many nations have laws that regulate the use of SMS for marketing reasons.

You can lower the possibility of sending messages to clients who have not provided their consent by authenticating your phone numbers, assisting in ensuring that you are in compliance with laws. Additionally, you may safeguard your company's reputation and save money on expensive legal fines by doing this.

Maintaining accurate records of consumer permission with the aid of validation is another benefit. In the event of a regulatory audit or investigation, you will have a precise and detailed record of the clients who have consented to receive your messages, which can be crucial.

In conclusion, a significant advantage of authenticating mobile phone numbers is improved compliance. You can lower the possibility of fines, safeguard your company's reputation, and keep accurate records of client consent by making sure your SMS campaigns are compliant with rules and laws.

Our conclusion

Our conclusion

In conclusion, verifying mobile phone numbers is a critical step in making sure your SMS marketing are successful. You may raise open rates, save expenses, improve data quality, increase deliverability, and assure better regulatory compliance by confirming the accuracy and current status of your client phone numbers.

The advantages of authenticating your mobile phone numbers are obvious, ranging from improved customer satisfaction to cost savings. To ensure the greatest chance of success and to meet your marketing objectives, confirm your customer phone numbers before launching your next SMS campaign.

Simply put, don't let bad phone numbers prevent you from getting the desired outcomes from your SMS marketing. Spend some time validating it to determine how it might benefit your company.

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