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What exactly does Twilio do?

Using a range of channels, including audio, message, and video, Twilio's cloud-based communication platform enables enterprises to design and scale communication solutions. But what does Twilio actually do? In this post, we'll examine some of the platform's most important attributes and capabilities in more detail.

Twilio's core offering is a set of APIs (Application Programming Interface) that allows developers to easily integrate communication functionality into their applications. The platform offers APIs for a variety of communication channels, including:

  • SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) for sending and receiving text messages
  • Voice for making and receiving phone calls
  • WhatsApp for sending and receiving messages via WhatsApp
  • Video for adding real-time video chat functionality to apps and websites

Twilio's ability to abstract away the difficulties of communication infrastructure is one of its primary advantages because it frees developers to concentrate on creating applications. The platform takes care of managing the underlying infrastructure, including phone lines and cloud-based servers, so developers don't have to.

Additionally, Twilio also offers a range of other features and capabilities to support the communication solutions. These include:

  • phone number management, allowing businesses to acquire, provision and manage phone numbers globally,
  • call routing, allowing businesses to route calls to the appropriate agent or department
  • call recording, which can be used to record and archive calls for quality assurance and compliance
  • live call monitoring and whisper, which allows a supervisor to listen in on a call and provide guidance to the agent if needed.
  • messaging (SMS and WhatsApp) automation, with the ability to create messaging automations and workflows, such as automated SMS responses to incoming messages
  • video recording, allowing to record and archive video calls

To sum up, Twilio is an effective communication platform that gives companies the ability to expand communication solutions using a range of channels, including voice, messaging, and video. Without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure, organisations can easily add communication features to their apps and websites using its set of APIs. Additionally, Twilio provides a variety of services and functionalities that help businesses improve and maximise communication, including phone number management, call routing, call recording, live call monitoring, messaging automation, and video recording.

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