curl -X "POST" "" \
              --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_KEY' \
              -d "phone=%2B447900000000" \
              -d "message=Hello world" \
              -d "enable_test_mode=1"

{"success": true, "message": "Message has been successfully
queued for sending.", "credits_remaining": 20,

SMS API for Developers

Snapi SMS provides an API for sending text messages globally, relibally and extremely fast. We don't charge any fees for our API, simply purchase SMS credits and integrate into your application.


Whether you need to deliver an important SMS notification or appointment reminder, we can delivery your SMS in just a few seconds.

Global delivery

With one fixed cost, you can deliver SMS messages globally to any country. We support over 200 countries.


Never worry about complicated, expensive pricing plans - Snapi SMS offers cost-effective SMS options tailored to your needs.

Friendly developer documentation,
made easy.

Our expert, easy-to-use, developer documentation makes integrating our SMS API into any web application in minutes.

  • Quickstart guides
  • Extensive FAQs
  • API endpoints explored
  • Code examples with Postman

curl -X "POST" "" \
              --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_KEY' \
              -d "phone=%2B447900000000" \
              -d "message=Hello world" \
              -d "enable_test_mode=1"

{"success": true, "message": "Message has been successfully
queued for sending.", "credits_remaining": 20,

Explore our platform

The Snapi SMS platform provides everything you need to create your API key, purchase credits and discover delivery receipts of your sent text messages so that you can debug errors. Discover more below.


Messaging dashboard

Looking to quickly see your messaging statistics and credit balance? Our messaging dashboard simplifies the SMS API by quickly presenting useful stats such as sending messages and delivered/sent messages.

Snapi SMS messaging dashboard

Messaging logs

Did your last SMS message send? Or did it fail, if so, how many SMS credits were used, if any. Quickly identify each message or dig deeper to analyse your SMS campaign's performance.

View and analyse recent messages

Manage API keys

Keep a track of all of your API keys, when they were last used and how many SMS credits are left on each key. Enable auto top-ups and much more via our API keys dashboard.

API keys dashboard

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about our pricing or SMS API? Let us answer them below:

How can I pay?

Right now, we receive payments through credit or debit cards. Our payment system supports a variety of cards from major providers, including Visa and Mastercard. Kindly ensure that your card has sufficient funds when making a payment.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we have a "24-hour money back guarantee". This ensures that if you're unhappy with your purchase you can get your money back. We believe in having this in place improves our customer relations.

Do you offer an auto top-up option?

Yes, when you sign up to our platform and add an API key, you'll be able to come back and enable automatic top-ups on each API key. This gives you the peace of mind in knowing you'll always be able to send text messages.

What countries can I send SMS to?

Snapi SMS supports sending SMS messages to over 200 countries. You can find the full list of supported countries in our FAQs, supported countries section. We recommend checking this prior to sending text messages.

Start your integration

Our SMS API is completely free to sign-up to. Only pay for the SMS credits you use, and the countries you send to. Start your next SMS marketing campaign by integrating today.

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