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Looking for a Textbelt alternative to send SMS messages? Consider us as your go-to solution. Learn more about our solution below:

Choose Snapi SMS as your
Textbelt alternative

Snapi SMS is an alternative to Textbelt for sending SMS messages globally via our easy-to-use SMS API. Let's look at some of our features:

Ease of use

Snapi SMS provides an alternative, easy to use SMS API when compared to Textbelt. Set up your API key and start sending.

Customer support

At Snapi SMS, we beleive customer support should be at the top of our game. Have a question? Reach out to us and we'll be glad to help.


Textbelt has a good SMS API, but we believe ours offers additional features such as caching options for optimised performance. try it out today.

Our SMS API features

An SMS API like Textbelt should provide a whole set of features - Snapi SMS does too. Discover just a few of our features:

Here's some of our features:

  • We automatically handle opt-out requests.
  • You can send internationally to over 200 countries.
  • We report on delivery receipts to aid your reporting requirements.
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Programmable SMS API Textbelt alternative

Frequently asked questions

Not sure of whether Snapi SMS can be your Textbelt alternative?

Do you handle opt-out requests automatically?

Yes, we automatically handle both "STOP" requests along with opt-out requests via our in-house opt-out page link added to text messages on first contact. Please also make sure you're sending to people whom have already consented to receiving text messages.

Why is Snapi SMS able to offer cheaper services?

At Snapi SMS, we've built a bullet-proof platform for managing the sending of text messages. For this reason, we've also built firm relationships with the underying API providers and are able to offer SMS at a lower cost than Textbelt in some cases.

Do you offer an automatic top-up option?

Yes, like Textbelt, we offer automatic top-ups for your API key credits, however, unlike Textbelt, you have complete control directly from your account on what amount to top-up by and when without needing to reach out to us.

Why should I switch to Snapi SMS from Textbelt?

We stand by our SMS platform for it's ease of use and friendly customer support, our feature set and vast amounts of documentation for you to get up and running with as few steps as possible.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 24-hour money back guarantee on our SMS API when purchasing credits for the first time. This means that you can send messages with peace of mind.

What are some use-cases for switching from Textbelt?

You can switch from Textbelt to Snapi SMS for many different use-cases such as: sending notification alerts to your customers or maybe delivery information on food orders.