Snapi SMS Docs

Snapi SMS has an easy-to-use API. Our methods are logical, and our responses are provided in JSON format making it easy to conmsume. Start sending text messages on our API today.


Getting started

Snapi SMS is an SMS API that allows developers and individuals to send and receive text messages globally. Sending an SMS via our API is simple, our platform's aim is to provide a visually pleasing GUI and easy-to-use API to start sending text messages without any unnecessary bloating.

1. Creating an account

To get started with Snapi SMS, you'll first need to create an account on our platform. Creating an account is quick and easy and doesn't cost you anything. Make sure to sign up with an email address that you have access to as we'll ask you to confirm your email address.

2. Add credits to your API key

Next, you'll need to add credits to your API key. Credits are deducted every time you send a text message. We believe that the approach of using credits keeps things simple and easy to understand.

3. Start sending

Finally, you can start sending SMS messages on Snapi SMS. Don't forget to create your API key to authenticate with our API. Your API key is what's used to interface with our API, more details of this can be covered in our authentication section which is where we recommend you head to next.