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Quickly check your SMS character count using our free length calculator. Determine the number of SMS credits that could be used and whether your message contains any unicode characters.

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What is the maximum length of an SMS text message?

When it comes to determining the maximum length of an SMS message we need to take into account several factors. The standard message length is 160 characters but this can change depending on the types of GSM characters in your text message.

SMS character count limit

Do spaces count as characters in a text message?

Yes, they do.. It might seem unusual, but spaces, when encoded are actually characters rather than a blank entity. For this reason, spaces count towards your overall SMS credit balance when sending SMS messages via our API.

spaces code typing

Why use our SMS Length Calculator?

We've built this SMS Length Calculator so that you can quickly identify how many SMS credits you'll consume in a text message via our API. We automatically detect non-GSM characters and highlight to you how many messages you might use.

SMS character count calculator

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